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withastro/starlight TypeScript ★ 3,937

🌟 Build beautiful, accessible, high-performance documentation websites with Astro

linuxserver/docker-swag Dockerfile ★ 2,630

Nginx webserver and reverse proxy with php support and a built-in Certbot (Let's Encrypt) client. It also contains fail2ban for intrusion prevention.

codaworks/react-glow TypeScript ★ 593

downshift-js/downshift JavaScript ★ 11,961

🏎 A set of primitives to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete, combobox or select dropdown components.

Custom Element + Framework Interoperability Tests.

ItzCrazyKns/Perplexica TypeScript ★ 7,305

Perplexica is an AI-powered search engine. It is an Open source alternative to Perplexity AI

An extension of the existing KoboTouch driver provided with Calibre. This plugin allows modifying ePub files to enable extra Kobo features. I am providing code in the repository to you under an open source license. Because this is my personal repository, the license you receive to my code is from me and not my employer.

pgaskin/kepubify Go ★ 582

Fast, standalone EPUB to Kobo EPUB conversion tool.

script puts server to sleep and wakes at specified time

keycastr/keycastr Objective-C ★ 12,057

KeyCastr, an open-source keystroke visualizer

jsr-io/jsr Rust ★ 2,056

The open-source package registry for modern JavaScript and TypeScript

Lightweight CLI download accelerator

Leopere/axel-docker Dockerfile ★ 2

I just need a way to us Axel where I don't mess with a host to do it.

rancher-sandbox/rancher-desktop TypeScript ★ 5,628

Container Management and Kubernetes on the Desktop

script to save power on Unraid server with Nvidia GPU

Installs Tailscale as an unRAID plugin. This allows connection via Tailscale even if the array is stopped.

A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers

AnalogJ/scrutiny Go ★ 4,558

Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T Monitoring, Historical Trends & Real World Failure Thresholds

xai-org/grok-1 Python ★ 48,984

Grok open release

ChuckPa/PlexDBRepair Shell ★ 659

Database repair utility for Plex Media Server databases

macOS and iOS profiles to configure our DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS service. Can be applied with human interaction, or via MDM.

mullvad/dns-blocklists Shell ★ 850

Lists and configuration for our DNS blocking service

mangerlahn/Latest Swift ★ 2,778

A small utility app for macOS that makes sure you know about all the latest updates to the apps you use.

Even more admin color schemes for WP admin

HunorMarton/gorillas JavaScript ★ 14

Make Abe yell at stuff!

cassidoo/jumblie JavaScript ★ 40

A jumbled word search game

pmillspaugh/weeksofyourlife TypeScript ★ 40

An interactive visualization of your life in weeks. Inspired by Tim Urban's Your Life in Weeks (Wait But Why) and Buster Benson's Life in Weeks.

jasonjmcghee/rem Swift ★ 2,173

An open source approach to locally record and enable searching everything you view on your Mac.

casibase/casibase Go ★ 2,340

⚡️Open-source AI LangChain-like RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) knowledge database with web UI and Enterprise SSO⚡️, supports OpenAI, Azure, LLaMA, Google Gemini, HuggingFace, Claude, Grok, etc., chat bot demo:, admin UI demo:

danswer-ai/danswer Python ★ 9,593

Gen-AI Chat for Teams - Think ChatGPT if it had access to your team's unique knowledge.

open-mmlab/Amphion Python ★ 4,070

Amphion (/æmˈfaɪən/) is a toolkit for Audio, Music, and Speech Generation. Its purpose is to support reproducible research and help junior researchers and engineers get started in the field of audio, music, and speech generation research and development.

gokrazy/gokrazy Go ★ 3,178

turn your Go program(s) into an appliance running on the Raspberry Pi 3, Pi 4, Pi Zero 2 W, or amd64 PCs!

facebook/stylex JavaScript ★ 8,158

StyleX is the styling system for ambitious user interfaces.

withastro/adapters TypeScript ★ 45

Home for Astro's core maintained adapters

withastro/prettier-plugin-astro TypeScript ★ 438

Prettier plugin for Astro

ml-explore/mlx C++ ★ 15,090

MLX: An array framework for Apple silicon

WooCommerce REST API Documentation

roblourens/chat-agent-dalle TypeScript ★ 27

thomasKn/astro-shopify Astro ★ 261

A lightweight and powerful ecommerce starter theme to build headless Shopify storefronts with Astro.

Astro Ecommerce - Ready to use components

dylang/npm-check JavaScript ★ 6,553

Check for outdated, incorrect, and unused dependencies.

natemoo-re/astro-icon MDX ★ 977

Inline and sprite-based SVGs in Astro made easy!

tc39/proposal-temporal HTML ★ 3,167

Provides standard objects and functions for working with dates and times.

Mozilla-Ocho/llamafile C++ ★ 16,264

Distribute and run LLMs with a single file.

Convert a bunch of markdown files(eg. Obsidian/Joplin) to textbundle for bear note app to import

colinhacks/zod TypeScript ★ 31,190

TypeScript-first schema validation with static type inference

lukeed/clsx JavaScript ★ 7,623

A tiny (239B) utility for constructing `className` strings conditionally.

A Prettier plugin for Tailwind CSS that automatically sorts classes based on our recommended class order.

Thunder Client is a lightweight Rest API Client Extension for VS Code.

usebruno/bruno-ide-extensions JavaScript ★ 24

Bruno IDE Extensions

vite-pwa/astro TypeScript ★ 164

Zero-config PWA Integration for Astro

linexjlin/GPTs ★ 26,955

leaked prompts of GPTs

usebruno/bruno JavaScript ★ 21,036

Opensource IDE For Exploring and Testing Api's (lightweight alternative to postman/insomnia)

obsidianmd/obsidian-sample-plugin TypeScript ★ 2,313

nybbles/obsidian-pocket TypeScript ★ 223

Pocket integration for Obsidian

jgchristopher/obsidian-clipper TypeScript ★ 196

Obsidian plugin that allows users to clip parts of a website into their obsidian daily note (or new note)

gtg922r/obsidian-numerals TypeScript ★ 339

An obsidian plugin which turns a math code block into a full featured calculator

Ellpeck/ObsidianCustomFrames TypeScript ★ 493

An Obsidian plugin that turns web apps into panes using iframes with custom styling. Also comes with presets for Google Keep, Todoist and more.

An Obsidian Plugin that extracts Kobo highlights.

LiamRiddell/obsidian-solve TypeScript ★ 57

An unobtrusive Obsidian plugin that quietly processes equations and patterns in real time

logancyang/obsidian-copilot TypeScript ★ 2,198

A ChatGPT Copilot in Obsidian

MrGVSV/obsidian-github-embeds TypeScript ★ 42

Embed GitHub issues, PRs, and code snippets directly in Obsidian

fsantini/KoboCloud Shell ★ 940

A set of scripts to synchronize a kobo reader with popular cloud services

scastiel/book-pr TeX ★ 165

Pull Requests and Code Review: Best Practices for Developers, from Junior to Team Lead.

jbranchaud/til Vim Script ★ 13,216

:memo: Today I Learned

danielgross/localpilot Python ★ 3,318

google/wireit TypeScript ★ 5,339

Wireit upgrades your npm/pnpm/yarn scripts to make them smarter and more efficient.

satelllte/react-knob-headless TypeScript ★ 49

🎛️ Unstyled & accessible knob primitive for React.

abiosoft/colima Go ★ 17,401

Container runtimes on macOS (and Linux) with minimal setup

vercel/title JavaScript ★ 574

A service for capitalizing your title properly

oblador/hush JavaScript ★ 3,135

🤫 Noiseless Browsing – Content Blocker for Safari

guidance-ai/guidance Jupyter Notebook ★ 17,886

A guidance language for controlling large language models.

eliascotto/export-kobo Python ★ 19

A Python tool to export annotations and highlights from a Kobo SQLite file. Now with web UI.

mlc-ai/web-llm TypeScript ★ 11,024

High-performance In-browser LLM Inference Engine

shadcn-ui/ui TypeScript ★ 60,423

Beautifully designed components that you can copy and paste into your apps. Accessible. Customizable. Open Source.

vercel/commerce TypeScript ★ 10,391

Next.js Commerce

ollama/ollama Go ★ 72,179

Get up and running with Llama 3, Mistral, Gemma, and other large language models.

a co-creative looper that uses generative modeling to **not** repeat itself.

lmanul/gitstats Python ★ 2

A tool to show statistics for a given author on a git repository

gibbok/typescript-book TypeScript ★ 8,281

The Concise TypeScript Book: A Concise Guide to Effective Development in TypeScript. Free and Open Source.

ActivityPub for WordPress

jetify-com/typeid Go ★ 2,799

Type-safe, K-sortable, globally unique identifier inspired by Stripe IDs

a16z-infra/ai-getting-started TypeScript ★ 3,930

A Javascript AI getting started stack for weekend projects, including image/text models, vector stores, auth, and deployment configs

dtinth/comic-mono-font Ruby ★ 2,388

A legible monospace font... the very typeface you’ve been trained to recognize since childhood

tpaksu/wcpay-automate JavaScript ★ 5

A chrome extension for easy filling WCPay payment form on checkout pages.

vercel/ai TypeScript ★ 8,231

Build AI-powered applications with React, Svelte, Vue, and Solid

facebookresearch/audiocraft Python ★ 19,948

Audiocraft is a library for audio processing and generation with deep learning. It features the state-of-the-art EnCodec audio compressor / tokenizer, along with MusicGen, a simple and controllable music generation LM with textual and melodic conditioning.

darkreader/darkreader TypeScript ★ 18,936

Dark Reader Chrome and Firefox extension

Csound on the Web Tutorial site

XingangPan/DragGAN Python ★ 35,287

Official Code for DragGAN (SIGGRAPH 2023)

yoavbls/pretty-ts-errors TypeScript ★ 12,958

🔵 Make TypeScript errors prettier and human-readable in VSCode 🎀

everythingishacked/Semaphore Python ★ 1,923

A full-body keyboard using gestures to type through computer vision

lm-sys/FastChat Python ★ 35,149

An open platform for training, serving, and evaluating large language models. Release repo for Vicuna and Chatbot Arena.

twitter/the-algorithm Scala ★ 61,571

Source code for Twitter's Recommendation Algorithm

reactjs/ TypeScript ★ 10,820

The React documentation website

pyenv/pyenv Roff ★ 37,370

Simple Python version management

PrefectHQ/marvin Python ★ 4,892

✨ Build AI interfaces that spark joy

vocodedev/vocode-python Python ★ 2,425

🤖 Build voice-based LLM agents. Modular + open source.

nomic-ai/gpt4all C++ ★ 65,687

gpt4all: run open-source LLMs anywhere