Creative Coding Resources

My collection of creative coding resources, including books, inspirational projects, code repositories and tools.

Learning Resources

The Nature of Code – A book series about simulating natural systems with code by Daniel Shiffman.

mattdesl/workshop-p5-intro – Intro to Creative Coding workshop with p5.js and Tone.js by Matt DesLauriers.

Frontend Masters: Canvas Master Course – Matt Deslauriers’ course Learn to use Canvas and WebGL with ThreeJS.

Designing Programs – a practical and pedagogical approach to programming, tailored for visual arts students by Mark Webster.

Matt DesLauriers’ Blog

Generative Artistry - Podcast & Tutorials – A podcast and tutorials about generative art and creative coding by Ruth John and Tim Holman.

terkelg/awesome-creative-coding: Creative Coding: Generative Art, Data visualization, Interaction Design, Resources.



p5.js – JavaScript library for creative coding.

Two.js – A two-dimensional drawing api geared towards modern web browsers. It is renderer agnostic enabling the same api to draw in multiple contexts: svg, canvas, and webgl.


Three.js – JavaScript 3D library.

React Three Fiber – React-three-fiber is a React renderer for three.js.

A-Frame – WebVR framework for building 3D/VR experiences.


Matter.js – a 2D rigid body JavaScript physics engine

Cannon.js – A lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaScript.

rapier – 2D and 3D physics engines focused on performance.

pmndrs/react-three-rapier – Rapier physics for React Three Fiber.


mattdesl/canvas-sketch – A framework for making generative artwork in JavaScript and the browser.

mattdesl/canvas-sketch-util – Utilities for sketching in Canvas, WebGL and generative art




“Chromatlas” is a generative art project that explores the aesthetics of scientific illustrations from the 18th and 19th centuries, commonly applied symbols, forms, and objects used in data visualization, as well as algorithms essential to generative art and creative coding.

Leaf Notes | Tendril | Design & Animation

Leaf notes

An Interactive Web Toy by Matt Deslauriers.