Eric Jinks

This is a short promotional video I shot for Melbourne DJ, Atonix, at the Southern Oracle festival, October 2012.
 For this shoot I used a Canon 600D & an EF 24-105mm f/4 lens.
 I edited this using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. The music is a track selected by Atonix called Into The Jungle (Original Mix) by Claudio Masso.


This is short animation featuring artwork from the third chapter of Shaun Tan's graphic novel, The Arrival.

I have created sound and music for the book, hoping to add movement and depth to the images. I aimed to create a soundtrack that is reflective of the book's visual style and shows the world from the character's point of view.

The book tells a story of a man who leaves his wife and child in an impoverished town, seeking better prospects in an unknown country on the other side of a vast ocean. He eventually finds himself in a bewildering city of foreign customs, peculiar animals, curious floating objects and indecipherable languages.

Sound used is both my own field recording and foley work as well as sound libraries from, and


This is a music clip for one of my chillout electronic music creations, Lucid.

I found this old film from the Public Domain, 'Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women' and edited it into an abstract narrative.

Music inspired by TOKiMONSTA / J Dilla, created with Ableton Live.

Clips from 1969 film Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women.


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